Business Chemical company Lanxess benefits from the animal epidemic

Chemical company Lanxess benefits from the animal epidemic


In the industry, Virkon (active ingredient: potassium monopersulfate) is the market leader in its class. The relevant efficacy tests were carried out by the Center for Animal Health Research (CISA) in Spain, which has served the EU as a reference laboratory for swine fever since 2002. "The new test results demonstrate the ability of Virkon S and Virkon LSP to quickly, effectively and completely kill the African swine fever virus under the most practical conditions possible in agricultural holdings," explains Anneliese Bischof, head of the disinfection market segment in the Material Protection Products (MPP) division. at Lanxess.

The product is manufactured in Sudbury, UK. The plant was once part of the US group Chemours, which Lanxess took over in 2016. It was the first major acquisition under the leadership of Lanxess boss Matthias Zachert, who took office in 2014. Zachert had prescribed a new strategy for the company: away from large chemical products, towards small specialty and niche markets in which Lanxess has a good competitive position. In Virkon's case, this seems to have worked quite well.


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