Chennai team was not expected to take, the body weight was 117 kg; Mahesh is jealous.

Chennai Sri Lankan cricketer Mahesh Deekshana has been included in the team for Rs 70 lakh in this year’s mega star auction. The Sri Lankan is currently at the helm of Chennai’s spin department. He has taken 12 wickets in nine matches so far.

Now, the actor has spoken openly about the fitness issues that have plagued his life and his previous discussion with Chennai captain Dhoni.

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“My body weight was 117 kg during the under-19 period. That’s why I worked so hard to lose weight before the yo-yo test. By 2020 I had lost weight to fit the fitness level. Engaged in more exercise routines.In 2020, I spoke with Ajantha Mendis. With Dhoni in 2022. He was with Chennai as a net bowler last season.

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But this time they never thought they would take me to the team. In 10 games in 2019 I was a water boy. I started exercising hard when I realized that if I failed the fitness test, it would be my mission to bring water back to my peers.

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So, in 2022 I got here. To tell the truth. MS. I like Chennai too because I like Dhoni very much. Things here are incredible. I played table tennis with Dhoni yesterday. Playing with Dhoni and playing under Dhoni has become our goal.

Dhoni excels in everything from cricket to football to table tennis. I think Dhoni can do anything. Playing for Chennai is my dream come true, ”he said.