Cherry introduces MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile switches with no audible click – Computer – News

Cherry markets a silent variant of the Ultra Low Profile switch, the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile. The mechanical switches are only 3.5 millimeters high and, unlike the regular ULP switch from 2021, do not make a clicking sound when pressed.

The new switches have a travel of 1.8 millimeters and require a pressing force of 65 and 52 centinewtons to fully depress and actuate the switch, respectively, says Cherry. Those specs all match those of the regular MX Ultra Low Profile, with the lack of an audible click being the differentiator of the Tactile variant. RGB lighting is also possible under the switch.

Just like the Brown series of switches from the brand, the Ultra Low Profile switches, including the Tactile variant, have a perceptible pressure limit. In contrast to a linear switch, the user feels the moment when the key is actually pressed. Cherry currently has three sizes of switches. The Ultra Low Profile series follows the MX Low Profile switch with a height of 11.9mm, announced in 2018. The standard MX switches are 18.5 millimeters high.

Cherry says the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile switches will initially appear in the already announced MSI Titan GT77. The premium Corsair Voyager a1600 gaming laptop also uses the Tactile variant of the ultra-thin switches.