The media speculated that the title to be released next Friday is the father of their child Bear.

But when she talked about Jessie Ware's Podcast Table Manners, she revealed that her music is not about anyone.

And in fact, she confirmed that the song was written and recorded before the couple split up.

"That's the easiest thing you can write," she said of the headlines.

"But actually, all the music and songs I did were made long before the split.

"None of them is about anyone."

She also unveiled the introductory lyrics of the single, which read, "I've fallen a million times, at number seven of my nine lives, the ink on my skin is all the places I've been."

Ware asked her if she was nervous about bringing her back after four years.

"I'm just glad to do it again," Cheryl replied.

"I'm not nervous. I feel no pressure, I'm just excited. "

Since the last time the star released music in 2014, streaming has dominated music consumption – and it has completely changed the way tracks are published and promoted.

As such, she has not yet committed to a release date for an album.

"I have not been there since the streaming," she said. "Literally when I left, it came, so I do not know yet how things are going to get started.

"I have a lot of work, but I did not say," Now I'm going to release the album. "I'll just go song by song."

After releasing the track on Friday, she returns to The X Factor for a performance on November 18th.

Earlier this week, she said in a statement, "I just made the music in a really clean place, music just out of love.

"I thought if I do not know what I'm doing now, then I do not know what I'm doing in this industry."

The 35-year-old has collected five number-one hits as a solo artist: Fight for this love, Promise this, call my name, Crazy Stupid Love and I Don & # 39; t Care.

As part of Girls Aloud, she scored four goals and scored 20 top 10 goals.

Cheryl's Love Made Me Do It is out Friday. Table Manners by Jessie Ware is available on large podcast platforms.


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