Chess at the Jean-Moulin school in Montluçon (Allier), an educational success

It’s always the same. First, the reviews of chess combinations and the learning of new tactics, with Michel Bolis, president of l’Echiquier Montluçon. And the students don’t have to be asked to go to the board. They fight (almost) to answer. Then it is the moment of the game. Here again, the pieces find their place on the boards in two stages three movements.

Eighty-five students involved

In eight weeks of intervention in the eighty-five primary schools of the Jean-Moulin de Montluçon school, the club succeeded in transmitting the taste for chess to students from CP to CM2. And even to bring three of them to the club.

This Monday, November 22, the Chessboard Montluçonnais will be there for the last time. This is a first approach. And faced with the enthusiasm of the children, the teaching team would like the collaboration with the club to be “sustainable.” And then we invested: we bought the magnetic board, the trays, the parts ”, indicates Christiane Lévêque, teacher for CE2 and CM1.She was the one who responded to Michel Bolis’ email sent to all schools in the basin at the start of the school year. She did not hesitate:

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We wanted a project that concerns the four primary classes. And chess is a fun and educational activity that requires strategy, concentration, and self-control.

Intervention in four other establishments

L’Échiquier Montluçonnais is already involved in the Notre-Dame school and in three colleges in the basin: Jules-Ferry and Jean-Zay, in Montluçon, and Marie-Cury, in Désertines. The partnership has been established for several years now, at the rate of thirty-two weeks per school year.

The challenge this season is to find volunteers who could participate in the school chess championships which should start in January, if the health situation allows it.

Contact. The club meets in a room in the Espace Boris-Vian to play. Information:

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