Chhatra League leaders called the students to the guest room and broke their ears

Two vice-presidents of the branch Chhatra League have been accused of slapping a fourth-year student of Jahangirnagar University (JABI) and breaking his ear by calling the guest room of the hall at night.

The accused Chhatra League leaders are Hasan Mahmood Farid, a 44th batch student of the University’s Department of Environmental Science and Abdullah Al Farooq Imran, a 44th batch student of the Department of History. It is reported that they are staying in the hall illegally even though their studentship is over.

The incident took place in the guest room of the university’s Mir Musharraf Hossain Hall around 10:30 pm on Tuesday (March 21).

The victim is Sajeeb Ahmed, a 48th batch student of Geography and Environment Department. Sajib said, ‘The problem started with an outsider. He was the guest of our elder brothers. Due to this disturbance, we were called to the guest room and tortured inhumanely. Naeem (Chemistry 48), Siyam (Department of Life Chemistry and Anupran Science-48) and my ears were tried at will. Farid Bhai of 44th batch of history department removed his hand and beat me when I tried to save him by putting his hand on my ear. I lie down when I’m sick, but they don’t even let me sit. If you want to go to the doctor, you are not allowed to go. Mostafizur Rahman Bhai of 46th batch of International Relations Department tried to kick me because I was doing drama.

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The victim also said, ‘After I was taken to Jabi Medical, when the doctors recommended Enam Medical, the elder brothers in the hall did not let me go for fear of the incident becoming known. Later the friends took him by force. The doctor on duty checked and said that my eardrum has ruptured a lot. It will be known after a month whether it will be completely cured or not.

The aggrieved student said about filing a written complaint, ‘They are 44 batch students. None of them have studentship. To whom will I complain?’

According to university sources, at 11:30 pm, students of the 45th batch of government and politics department, Al Raji, took some of the victims to the university medical center. The doctor on duty there recommended taking him to a private hospital in Savar for better treatment.

Meanwhile, a prescription from Savar’s Enam Medical Hospital has reached Jago News. In this, the victim Sajeev is advised not to put water in the ears for three months, to wash the ears with oil-soaked cotton, and to refrain from bathing in water.

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According to hall sources, on Tuesday (March 21) at 3:30 in the afternoon, Chhatra League workers of Mir Musharraf Hossain Hall clashed with Rajshahi University Chhatra League vice-president Dibendu Divya in the central playground of the university. Later they brought him to the guest room of the hall and beat him. The leader of Rabi Chhatra League was known to Zabi Chhatra League’s deputy student affairs secretary Alraji Sarkar, so a meeting was held with the seniors of the hall. After the settlement, when Divya apologized and left, the junior staff of the hall beat him up again. The guest room started at 8:30 pm with this incident and other incidents in the hall. Lasts till 1 am.

Leading the guest room were Delwar Hossain, 44th batch student of Chemistry Department and Joint General Secretary of Chhatra League, Abul Kalam Azad, 44th batch student of Marketing Department and Vice President of Chhatra League, Shah Paran, 44th batch student of International Relations Department and Vice President of Chhatra League, same department. Mostafizur Rahman, a student of the 45th batch and international affairs secretary of the Chhatra League, Al Raji Sarkar, a student of the 45th batch and deputy student affairs secretary of the government and politics department.

According to eyewitnesses who did not wish to be named, Farid slapped the victim Sajeeb on the ear at around 10:40 pm while in the guest room. Sajeev’s ear burst and blood started coming out. When Sajeeb started crying, Abdullah Al Farooq Imran, vice-president of the branch Chhatra League, got angry and said, ‘He is acting. pick him up His body will come out of this guest room today.’

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Later, while going to the university medical center with Sajeev, Imran stopped him at the hall gate. Governing the juniors, he said, ‘First see if he is acting or not. Observe for 20-30 minutes. Then take it to medical. And now if you take it to the medical center, it will be news. Then we will not be able to handle the matter.’

Accused Hasan Mahmud Farid told Jago News, ‘Our guest room was running regularly. At that time Sajeev fell ill due to ear problem. Then some people took him to the doctor.’

Accused Imran said, ‘Our guest room was running with fasting and iftar. Meanwhile, he (Sajib) fell ill due to physical weakness in front of everyone. There was no beating.’

Accused Delwar Hossain admitted the issue of the guest room but claimed that no incident of beating had taken place.

Accused Mostafizur Rahman was called several times but he did not receive. Accused Al Raji said the government was not involved in the incident.

The accused are known to be followers of Branch Chhatra League President Aktaruzzaman Sohel. In this regard, he said, “If the charges brought against them are proved, organizational measures will be taken.”

In this regard, the provost of the hall, Professor Obaidur Rahman said, ‘I have come to know about the incident. The victim has been asked to file a written complaint. Necessary measures will be taken after knowing the real facts by sitting with other teachers in the hall.

Mahbub Sardar/SR/ASM

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