Chicago and Berlin will host Riot Games tournaments. Play sports later this year

Riot Games is planning two major tournaments in September and November – one in League of Legends and one in VALORANT. It’s also about the League Championship Series VALORANT Game Changers Championship. American and Canadian teams will compete in LoL in Chicago, but the leading VALORANTA formations will come to Berlin.

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Marcin Gortat and Bogusaw Lenodorski have invested in gold. business dreams

Riot Games is flipping the cards

Spring LCS won Evil Geniuses with Pole, Kacper “Inspired” Som in the squad. In order to defend the title, the team has to compete in Chicago. The premier games of the summer edition of the League Championship Series will be played there, at the United Center, where the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks play their games daily.

Riot Games will also organize special activities throughout the tournament to educate and expand knowledge about esports. Business Has worked with several Chicago fashion groups. This is a very interesting form of promoting the entire discipline.

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Another success of the Polish coach. His team will climb into the top 20 in the world rankings

LCS Summer 2022 starts June 18, but players won’t be coming to the United Center until September 10-11. Eight components are brought to the crucial stage. The prize pool is $200,000 and the top three teams will advance to Worlds.

Less is known about the VALORANT Game Changers Championship, although Riot Games confirms that the tournament will be held in Berlin. Eight teams from all over the world are coming to Germany for the tournament in November. The games will take place from November 15th to November 20th.

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The Valorant Game Changers Championship seat assignments by region are as follows:

  • two teams from North America
  • a team from Brazil
  • a team from South America
  • two teams from the EMEA region
  • a team from East Asia
  • one from Asia Pacific

For the time being, Riot has not revealed in which arena the tournament in Berlin will be held.

Scene from the BLAST fall finals
BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 and broadcast in Ukrainian by WePlay Esports