Chicago Fire – Series/Drama Series – 13EME RUE this Sunday – TV program (03/07/2022

Titre Original : Chicago Fire

Watch this Sunday, July 3 on 13EME RUE at 12:10 the program “Chicago Fire” produced in the United States in 2013. Lasting 45 minutes, this program is not recommended for children under 10 [C2].

As Otis fills in at Morningside Barracks, known to be the least active in Chicago, little Ernie died in a fire. Heartbroken by the death of the child he couldn’t save, Captain Boden feels the need to see his stepson Jimmy. After a discussion with his father, Severide decides to stay at Chicago to undergo experimental surgery and lets Renée go without him to Madrid. For his part, Lieutenant Matthew Casey testifies in favor of his mother in an attempt to obtain his release on parole. When Clarice announces that she has definitely left her husband, Leslie offers her to move in with her

It’s mate I skip