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The journalist and conductor Chiche Gelblung assured this Wednesday that does not have any record of the moments prior to hospitalization, in the last week. In a radio interview she clarified that was treated for an infection and not pneumonia, as originally reported.

Speaking to Radio La Red, Gelblung, 76, explained that everything was due to a “confusional episode, apparently the product of a foot infection”.

“It was thought that it could be pneumonia, which was not. Actually, he had a small focus on the lung and well, after 48 hours, with the antibiotic, he left, “added the driver of Chiche 2020, according to the agency Télam.

On the morning of the hospitalization – on Wednesday, June 24, the journalist detailed: “I don’t remember anything. I don’t even remember that I woke up. My wife told me (Cristina Seoane) that I woke up half saying bullshit, and well, I was admitted there”.

Initially, the portal InfoVeloz – which Gelblung runs – reported that the hospitalization was due to a picture of sepsis and pneumonia.



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