Chicken wings covered in gold, the latest madness of a New York restaurant


Chicken wings covered in gold, the ultimate culinary extravaganza. Photo:
The Ainsworth Instagram

He Ainsworth is a luxury sports bar with 40 flat screens, 6,000 square feet, an average clientele of about 30 years (mostly men in suits) and American fusion bar food.
Luxury food
The menu offers dishes such as crispy artichokes and chips, mac and cheese, but also things as incredible as chicken wings dipped in gold.
The owner Matt Shendell, the man behind the restaurant, has equipped the place with a rustic decor and glamours a: the walls are covered with old pine and the ceiling is hung with old black lamps, while the amber LED lights compensate for the brightness of the TV screens.
Oak tables with chocolate-colored leather seats and stools can accommodate up to 295 people,


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