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Chickenpox: 93 children excluded from lessons

At the Walburga secondary school in Meschede, the chickenpox erupted. Now 93 children are not allowed to go to school because they are not immune.

93 students of St. Walburga secondary school may not go to school in the next two weeks because they are not immune to chickenpox. The district health department had checked on Thursday morning the vaccination status of 366 students from years 5 to 9. The authority acted according to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute in order to prevent the spread of the viruses.
    Disconcerted parents After the chickenpox broke out in four students from different classes, the health authority had ordered that all children have to prove their vaccination status. If students have already had the chickenpox, and thus be protected, the parents must obtain a medical certificate and submit. This affects 63 students.
Twenty-five children can catch up with a second vaccine Another twenty-five did not have complete vaccination coverage. "If you catch up with the second vaccine, you can also come back to class," Dr. Peter Kleeschulte, head of the district health department. The chickenpox vaccine was first introduced in 2004. Therefore, only the vintages 2004 and younger were reviewed. The tenth graders are older, but are currently also on graduation on Lake Garda. "This age limit has been set by lawmakers," Dr. Peter Kleeschulte. The 15- and 16-year-olds would have had the chickenpox with high probability as a child already. Of course, the same applies to the teachers. 87 percent vaccinated at school enrollment in 2017 "It did not surprise us that 93 children did not have vaccination," said Drs. Peter Kleeschulte. Because it concerns exactly the vintages in which the Standing Vaccination Commission has pronounced the vaccination recommendation for the first time. "For children enrolled in 2017, for example, the rate was 87 percent, higher than the NRW average," Kleeschulte said. To eradicate an illness, a quota of 95 percent is necessary. Harmful brain damage possible "The disease can proceed without complications. However, the viruses can also cause severe nerve and brain damage and lead to bacterial superinfection in children with eczema, "warned Peter Kleeschulte. He urges parents to have their children vaccinated. The viruses are highly contagious. There did not even have to be a direct contact. "It's enough when you're in a room together," Kleeschulte explained. The headmaster praised the cooperation. Headmaster Heinz Bruning praised the cooperation with parents and students. "For our school, this review was also new territory," he said. At the same time he wants to reassure all students who are now afraid to miss lesson content: "We'll get it all done." Here you will find more news, photos and videos from Meschede and the surrounding area.




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