Chief Epidemiologist: Good trends could end in the spread of the disease in schools

“In Lithuania, after the extended school holidays, we are seeing a declining trend in the morbidity rate,” L. Ašoklienė told BNS. “We are still seeing whether this trend will continue or whether the return of students to school will lead to unfavorable trends again, but we are likely to have a slow decline in morbidity.”

According to her, this can be expected from the general level of immunization of the population from COVID-19: “We have probably reached a sufficiently high level of immunization – not only in terms of vaccinations, but also in terms of illness.”

“People are also actively vaccinated with a booster dose of the vaccine. If we continue at this pace, we can expect particularly favorable trends, ”said the epidemiologist.

“The epidemiology of infectious diseases is characterized by a triad: the pathogen, the susceptible organism and the environment. The more people who are immunized – not susceptible to the virus – the more its circulation will be reduced, ”she added.

Although morbidity rates are declining in Lithuania, they are rising in other European countries. Austria, Italy and the Netherlands are therefore introducing more stringent pandemic management measures.

According to L. Ašoklienė, other countries are now facing what Lithuania has recently experienced.

“We have reached the peak and we are already allowing, at that time other countries are naturally moving towards the peak,” she explained.

Urges not to give up the purchase fever

According to the epidemiologist, the biggest test in managing the pandemic is currently ahead of Christmas.

“There will be many contacts in shops and fairs. This is a risk factor that requires more caution, ”said the specialist.

According to L. Ašoklienė, an emergency situation is still in force in the country, therefore traders must also follow the rules responsibly.

“The sudden increase in the number of people at sales can make it more difficult to meet the requirements, so we recommend that outlets responsibly assess their ability to provide a safe environment for employees and customers,” she said.

The chief epidemiologist also called for online shopping, and for physical stores not to forget to wear medical masks or respirators properly, to change them periodically, and to disinfect their hands.

The number of new cases of coronavirus in two weeks is 100 thousand. the population currently stands at 976.4 cases, declining in the third week.

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