Chief of Staff Milley: “Al-Qaida and Isis could threaten the US in a year”

Al-Qaida or Isis could threaten the US within 12-26 months after the American withdrawal from Kabul: this is the warning launched in the Senate by the joint chief of staff Mark Milley. “A reorganized Al-Qaida or Isis with aspirations to attack the US is a very real possibility, and such conditions, including activity in ungoverned spaces, could present themselves in the next 12-36 months,” he warned after warning argued that the Taliban were and remain a terrorist organization and that they have not yet broken their ties with Al-Qaeda.

“Al Qaeda is still in Afghanistan”, clarified Milley, together with the head of the central command Kenneth McKenzie, thus denying the claims of Joe Biden – recalled by a Republican senator – that the terrorist group was defeated in that country. In fact, according to the chief of staff, the evacuation operation from Kabul was a “logistical success but a strategic failure”.

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