Chievo-Roma 0-3 – The Giallorossi win the Bentegodi thanks to the networks of El Shaarawy, Dzeko and Kolarov. VIDEO!


After two games, Roma returned to Di Francesco, who won the Bentegodi 0-3 thanks to goals from El Shaarawy, Dzeko and Kolarov. With this victory, the Giallorossi respond to the success of yesterday's Lazio riagguanting the fourth place pending Sunday's commitment to Milan.

As usual, gave you the direct text of the challenge, enriched by photos and videos from the stadium, as well as having accompanied you with the pre and post match interviews.

CHIEVO-ROME 0-3 (9 'El Shaarawy, 19' Dzeko, 51 'Kolarov)

CHIEVO (4-3-1-2): Sorrentino; Frey (39 'Depaoli) (71' Schelotto), Bani, Rossettini, Barba; Leris, Dioussè, Hetemaj (58 'Piazon); Giaccherini; Stepinski, Djordjevic.
Available: Semper, Caprile, Rigoni, Pucciarelli, Cesar, Kiyine, Grubac, Jaroszynski, Meggiorini.
All. Domenico Di Carlo

ROME (4-3-3): Mirante; Karsdorp, Fazio, Marcano, Kolarov; Zaniolo (76 'De Rossi), Nzonzi, Cristante; Schick (59 'Florenzi), Dzeko, El Shaarawy.
Available: Fuzato, Greek, Jesus, Santon, Coric, Pastor, Kluivert.
All. Eusebio Di Francesco

Referee: Rosario Abisso of the Palermo section
Assistants: Bottegoni – Prenna
Fourth Officer: Piscopo
VAR: Pairetto
AVAR: Tolfo

Ammonites: Cristante, Zaniolo (R), Barba (C).


90 '+ 3 – End the game without further emotions.

ninety two' – Velleitaria conclusion of Léris from outside the area, ball abundantly to the side.

90 ' – Three minutes of recovery.

85 '- Last change in Rome: Kluivert enters, outside El Shaarawy.

84 '- Mirante relaxes well and blocks a conclusion by Giaccherini.

83 '- El Shaarawy's stake! Dzeko serves on the second post the number 92, the first intention conclusion of the offensive outside that is printed on the wood.

77 '- Cross struck by Dzeko! He starts the Bosnian attacker who moves the ball to the left from a tight angle and unloads a fireball towards the door that breaks on the upright.

76 '- Change in Rome: De Rossi for Zaniolo in the field.

74 '- Misunderstanding between Nzonzi and Marcano that are crashing between them, Giaccherini takes advantage of serving a poisonous ball in the middle of the area, but without anyone being able to intervene.

71 ' – Physical problems also for Depaoli, who entered the field in the first half to replace Frey, in his place Schelotto.

70 ' – Number of Zaniolo, who leaves the physical, on the right, ball for Florenzi who is slightly late and can not reach the ball.

69 '- Bosnian error in a 3 against 3, Florenzi is ignored on the left despite being in a good position, El Shaarawy ball that loses the pace.

68 '- Opens the dzeko dish from the right, too central conclusion of the Bosnian that does not commit the clivense goalkeeper.

67 ' – El Shaarawy's magic near the bottom line, the carambola ball on Fazio that calls to the Sorrentino intervention.

62 ' – There seems to be a muscular problem behind the change of the Czech exterior, appeared suffering on the bench.

59 ' – Change also in Rome: Florenzi notes Schick.

58 '- Change in Chievo: outside Hetemaj, inside Piazon.

56 '- I asked that despite the three networks of passive still try to go forward.

51 '- GOOOOOL OF ROME! TRIS OF KOLAROV! Great action on the Roma counterattack, El Shaarawy serves Dzeko who finishes for Kolarov, the Serb enters the area and with the left-handed Sorrentino pierces.

49 ' – Great intervention by Djordjevic on Mirante, but the former Lazio striker was in offside position.

46 ' – Started shooting.


45 '+ 1 – The first part ends here.

45 '+ 1 – Corner kick beaten by Kolarov, Dzeko jumps with the right times but does not direct his header.

45 ' – One minute of recovery.

44 '- Zaniolo's cross from the left, he tries to twist Schick's head but does not hit the ball that ends to the side.

41 '- Dioussé shooting from outside the area, central conclusion blocked without problems by Mirante.

39 ' – Forced to change Frey, in his place Depaoli.

38 '- El Shaarawy in progression on the left exceeds Frey who is planted on the ground for a muscle problem, the number 92 tries the suggestion for Dzeko but understands all Bani that intercepts the suggestion for the Bosnian.

36 ' – Still dangerous Chievo. Stepinski too free to receive in the area, turns and kicks to the net, still Marcano with the body dampens the conclusion of the Polish that fades into the arms of Mirante.

33 ' – Mirante! Wonderful reaction of the Giallorossi goalkeeper on the header by two steps of Djordjevic, in suspected offside position.

32 ' – It returns as a centimeter Rick Karsdorp, turning a dangerous action in Chievo corner.

29 '- Schick loses the ball in a dangerous position, he recovers Barba who insinuates himself in the area also nullifying the recovery of Karsdorp and kicks in goal with the left but finding the opposition in slip of Marcano.

27 ' – Marcano in difficulty in coverage on Léris, Fazio intervenes to untangle an intricate situation.

24 ' – Try Stepinski to correct the corner kick for the hosts, turned to the side.

24 ' – Left of Djordjevic from outside, there is a slight deviation that pushes the ball beyond the post, it will be corner.

21 '- Barba, who stops from behind Schick.

19 '- GOOOOOOL OF ROME! THE DOUBLING OF EDIN DZEKO! He does all alone the Bosnian, who receives ball deflected on the right, with a fake falls on the left-handed skipping Hetemaj and then kicking on the far post without leaving Smitten.

17 ' – Yellow also for Zaniolo, late on Dioussé.

15 ' – Giaccherini's right-footed shot from the Roman defense, the ball comes to Djordjevic who shoots to the stars.

14 ' – Admonished Cristante, intervened with his arm too wide on Hetemaj.

12 ' – It is well coordinated from outside Léris, great blow of the French rejected with the head by Marcano.

9 '- ROMOO GOOOOOOL! HE SIGNED EL SHAARAWY! Error of the defense clivense that misjudges a nanking shot of harmless Nzonzi, he takes advantage of the number 92 that slips behind the pair of power stations of the house, expands to evade the intervention of Sorrentino and with a shot below deposited in the network .

7 ' – First ring of the match by Zaniolo, who sets up on his own and with a venomous left from outside engages Sorrentino.

6 ' – Bad ball lost by Kolarov that allows Chievo to start again, Karsdorp with a good recovery remedy the error of the companion.

3 '- Fazio risks to Stepinski; Rude intervention of the Argentine sull'attaccante clivense on the edge of the area, all regular for Mr. Abyss.

0 '- The race started.


8:19 pm – The teams return to the locker room.

7:57 pm – Chievo is also in the field.

7:53 pm – Roma comes into the field, accompanied more by the whistles than by the applause of its fans.

7:49 pm – The extreme defenders of the house are also on the pitch.

7:46 pm – The Giallorossi goalkeepers enter the field.

7:38 pm – The captain will be Edin Dzeko.

7:35 pm – Rome has arrived at the Bentegodi Stadium.

19:30 – Confirmed the 4-3-3 of the eve. Here is the training chosen by Di Francesco:

18:56 – Rome left the hotel that hosted it for the Verona retreat and headed for the Bentegodi stadium.

18:56 – Our correspondent in Verona gives us the latest on the probable formations of the match:



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