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Child actor who starred in a movie with Ilse Salas dies

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The coach who has put the most famous moms in shape

Recovering from childbirth is not easy for any woman, but if you are a celebrity, you need someone to help you to be perfect again. New famous moms, such as actresses Paula Echevarría, María Castro or veterans new to this, such as Toñi Moreno, are recovering, among others, thanks to Raquel López, alias @yosoymamifit, who decided to specialize pre and postpartum training 10 years ago and She was able to apply her own therapies after being the mother of Noah, her 4-year-old son. This woman from Gijón, with a degree in sports science and a professional flamenco dancer, adapted a whole series of exercises for hypopressives, pelvic floor, yoga, Pilates … her Mamifit brand from where she started working with new moms. Word of mouth first led to her first celebrity, Mónica Cruz, who sought Raquel’s advice when she was pregnant with her daughter Antonella in 2013. “When she called me, I didn’t recognize her. It was when I stood at his house and he opened the door for me that I said: ‘Wow, it’s Mónica Cruz.’ Since then, celebrities like Hiba Abouk, Martina Klein or Soraya Arnelas have put themselves in the hands of Raquel and her team to feel good again. Toñi Moreno’s case was special for her, since the presenter decided to be a mother at the age of 47 and without ever having exercised. Six months after taking her little Lola, her back said enough. In full confinement. And thanks to Raquel’s advice, she has managed to have the right physical tone to continue with her life as a single mom and combine it with work. He has learned to take care of his diet and his psychological health and maintains an exercise routine thanks to other trainers in his native Seville. The most active mother of the moment is the actress María Castro, who combines the motherhood of her little Olivia, her second daughter, a few months old, with returning to work (she is now shooting a new movie and was a sensation when she was full red carpet of the Malaga Festival)… And with her pelvic floor recovery classes that she does simultaneously with Raquel, sometimes broadcast through her social networks. The one who has definitely returned to her exercise routine has been Paula Echevarría, after a pregnancy where she never stopped training, thanks to @yosoymamifit, she has only allowed a month to pass after giving birth to her little Miki to return to the gym, always, according to he says, after giving the doctor his approval and seeing that everything was fine to go back to training.

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