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Home News Child consumed drug instead of candy for Halloween

Child consumed drug instead of candy for Halloween

November 04, 2018 19:30 pm.

A boy by name Braylen Carwell he was hospitalized in an emergency for ingesting drugs, specifically methamphetamine, a substance that was allegedly found in a candy that was given to him during Halloween celebrations in the United States.

After Halloween, the news of the poisoning of the five-year-old boy went around the world, because it would have consumed drug when he played the traditional candy or trick during the night of the day of the dead.

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After the investigations the child's father was arrested by Ohio police officers after finding drug in your home.

Finally, it was revealed that the illegal substance that the child had in the blood had nothing to do with the sweets. During the search of the house, the police found drugs among the belongings of the father of Braylen Carwell.

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The subject tested positive to determine whether he had consumed the drug and was arrested for possession and consumption of illicit substances.

'' Although we can not say definitively how the child ingested the methamphetamine, we are sure that he did not ingest it by means of any candy in the sweet or trick game, "said the police in a press release.


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