Spain is holding its breath for a tragedy that revives that of the small Alfredino Rampi of Vermicino: Yulen, a two and a half year old boy, fallen yesterday afternoon in a prospecting well 25 cm wide and 110 meters deep, while playing in property of a family member in the Sierra of Totalan near Malaga.

The difficult recovery

Throughout the night over 100 people including firefighters, civil protection, civil guard, tried in vain to contact the child. The small dimensions of the circumference of the well in which the little Yulen crashed prevent rescuers from lowering themselves inside. The robot sent by a technology company, which has made numerous dives, has intercepted this morning only the bag of candy that the child had with him at the time of the fall, but failed to go beyond 78 meters.

The parents

Endless anguish for parents, two twentysomethings of Malaga, who at the time were with some relatives to prepare a paella in the property of a family in the area between the stream of Olia and the river Totalan, close to the dolmen Cerro de la Corona , in the Sierra of Totalan, near Malaga. Yulen played with another child in the field, when he fell into the water prospecting well, 110 meters deep and without fences. To give the alarm, among desperate cries, one of the family members who saw him fall.


According to testimonies of members of the rescue teams, cited by the media, the child's faint crying, initially audible, ceased. Media will not be spared in the rescue operation, the Malaga deputy prefect, Maria Gamez, told the media. With the help of the technicians we evaluate all the alternatives to save the child and remove the plug of soil of the well, caused about eighty meters probably from a landslide. One hundred units of the provincial fire brigade, the Civil Defense, the Rescue and Mountain Rescue Team (Ereim), the police and the civil guard, as well as the armed institute sub, are involved in the operations. it is still known if there is water in the bottom of the prospecting cavity. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the president in charge of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, the Spanish authorities follow the development of the rescue operation through live coverage of the media and have sent messages of solidarity and closeness to the family.

14 January 2019 (amendment 14 January 2019 | 15:53)




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