Child offers nail application in exchange for water to donate to Nuevo León



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Child offers nail application in exchange for water to donate to Nuevo León

In its pages, the little boy requested help to “bring more water to Monterrey”

Gabriel was once again a trend for reaching the hearts of hundreds of people after offering to apply again nail acrylic, in exchange for people sending bottles of agua for New Lionwhich is going through one of the crises of agua worst in years. The boy shared on his Facebook page the graphics reflecting the donation that he would be sending to the entity, due to how worried he is about the severe drought that is plaguing the state.

In its pages, the little boy asked for help to “carry more agua to Monterrey.” In exchange, he offered to apply “nailif you donate us a pack of agua o agua for baby. In return, we apply nail he come, nail of color and glitter”. From a bottle of agua is enough, according to what the child requests in their networks. “Whoever likes to donate, even for a bottle of agua, we can buy it, put your name on it. I know a lot of people will thank you from the bottom of their hearts,” he said on Instagram.

The truth is that the support that Gabriel can offer, with what is collected through his network accounts, since the lack of this liquid is wreaking havoc on New Lionwhich has already launched the alarm for extreme drought.

The good deeds were not enough for Gabriel and his family to receive negative messages, they assure that they will not cease their commitment to bring as much agua can to the royal land.

The crisis of agua in New Lion This is because, due to both human and industrial use, the main dams in the region are practically empty. The situation, unfortunately, is something that could happen in the rest of the republic in the short or medium term, according to experts.

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