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Childless marriage, unemployment and conversion bonus

A marriage. Drawing. – Pexels

Whether you are in Argoules or Pleurtuit, it's time for the inevitable.

New year, new device. The conversion premium comes back in 2019 in a somewhat different form. Last year, "about 300,000 requests for conversion bonus were made" welcomed François de Rugy, Minister of the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, to the Parisian-Today in France, this Wednesday. 202,000 of them have already been paid. "95% of those who have benefited live outside the Ile-de-France, often in the countryside," he said.

While the state spent 500 million euros last year, another 600 million are expected in 2019 for the new formula. This conversion premium version 2019 concerns fewer vehicle models than in 2018, but targets the smallest households, to give them a boost. The challenge: helping drivers change vehicles, and opt for a new model that is less polluting (it's good for the planet) and less fuel-efficient (it's good for the wallet). To know everything about the subject, it is there.

A bride made a splash on the web after sharing her story on Reddit.

Nothing was to spoil the happiest day of the life of this woman whose name has not been revealed … And especially not children. In the wedding invitation addressed to her relatives, the bride had indicated in black and white that the presence of children would not be tolerated on the wedding day. Only children actively participating in the ceremony could be there but only time to play their role. Each one of them was also nicely renewed before the beginning of the reception reserved for the big people.
 An article to read here.

It is a decree published discreetly between Christmas and New Year's day that begins to make noise. It defines new rules for the unemployed by specifying certain aspects of the law "for the freedom to choose one's professional future" adopted in September 2018. Some sanctions, particularly those concerning the lack of job search, are more 'announced.

But another aspect of the decree passed rather unnoticed. It concerns the famous "reasonable offer of employment" (ORE), which the unemployed are obliged to accept under penalty of sanctions. Since 2008, it has been defined on the basis of two criteria: compatibility with the applicant's "professional qualifications and skills" and his former remuneration. To qualify as "reasonable", the new job had to offer a salary equivalent to at least 95% of the earnings received before unemployment, if the person had been on the lists for less than six months.
More details here.


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