Children of Andrés García reunited after the delicate health of the actor

Children of Andrés García met in Acapulco due to the complicated state of their father’s health

IN CONTEXT: Actor Andrés García is hospitalized in an emergency

After the delicate health situation that the actor lives Andrés García after being hospitalized for an accident at home, his sons they have gathered to be close to their father.

That’s how he made it known leonardo garciawho shared that both he and his brother Andrés and his mother Sandy are waiting for news from the histrion of 81 years old.

It was through a short video on Instagram that Leonardo confirmed that he is reunited with his family in Acapulco Guerrero.

“How does it feel to arrive in Acapulco after being the king of Miami?” It is heard that he tells his brother Andrés García Jr, to which he replies that he has also just arrived.

Leonardo laughs and states that he travels every weekend, ending the conversation to introduce his mother, Sandy Valewho was the first wife of Andrés García in 1967.

delicate state

The renowned actor overcame leukemia and prostate cancer. He now he faces living with cirrhosisa disease that has deprived him of walking without a walker and revealed that this time his situation is more delicate.