Children Peter R. de Vries say goodbye with long mourning…

The mourning pages in many Dutch newspapers are mainly filled with messages for the well-known crime reporter Peter R. de Vries. ‘The most fantastic father a person could wish for’, is how his children describe him in a full-page obituary.

“A fearless and combative life on the barricades of justice and injustice has come to an end,” reads the mourning message of his relatives about the crime journalist. De Vries died in hospital on Thursday, after he was shot on the street in the center of Amsterdam more than a week earlier. That happened when he walked to his car after a broadcast of RTL Boulevard, where he was present as an expert.

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The family of De Vries says in the obituary that ‘everyone to whom Peter has meant something in his life, has been invited to say goodbye to him’. What that will look like and where it will take place will be announced later.

“It is unthinkable that we have to miss you, but we have been overtaken by the harsh reality,” is the message from RTL Nederland in De Volkskrant, among others. “Peter, you won’t be forgotten. Finally, we make a promise to you: “We will not bend our knee”.’ That is a reference to what the journalist had tattooed on his leg: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free’.

The Netherlands reacts shocked to the death of Peter R. de Vries: ‘Almost incomprehensible’

More than 800,000 people watched the presumably last interview that Peter R. de Vries gave on the Dutch channel NPO 1 on Friday. The program was recorded two weeks ago.

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