Children with Covid-19 are more likely to develop diabetes, says study

A study by researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the MetroHealth System found a link between children who contract Covid-19 and an increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes. increase in the diagnosis of diabetes in children and adolescents during the pandemic.


Published in JAMA Network Open magazine and publicized by Medical Xpress, the work involved the analysis of more than 570,000 samples from children and adolescents in the period from March 2020 (beginning of the pandemic) to December 2021. The research focused on comparing children diagnosed with coronavirus and children who contracted other types of infections pulmonary diseases and the relationship with diabetes. The researchers split their data in two, half for those under age 9 and the other half for those ages 10 to 18.

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According to the findings, six months after becoming infected with Covid-19, 123 patients were diagnosed with T1D (type 1 diabetes) – compared to just 72 who were infected with a different lung disease.

“Respiratory infections were previously associated with the onset of T1DM, but this risk was even higher among those with COVID-19 in our study, raising concern about long-term post-COVID-19 autoimmune complications among young people,” an excerpt reads. of the article.

According to the researchers, the survey serves as an alert for parents and families who have a history of diabetes and children and adolescents who test positive for Covid. They also suggest that more research is needed to determine whether the group that develops diabetes after coming into contact with the virus has a different progression from patients who have not been infected with the disease. The study did not make clear possible aggravating factors (or even the specific reason) for the development of diabetes among children with covid.

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“The increased risk of T1DM after COVID-19 adds an important consideration to risk-benefit discussions for preventing and treating SARS-CoV-2 infection in pediatric populations,” the document concludes.

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Covid-19: deaths are of people who have not yet taken the 3rd dose

Another survey, this Brazilian one, identified that almost 90% of current deaths from Covid-19 are of people who have not taken the third dose of the vaccine – or the first booster.

According to the study, carried out by Info Tracker, a group that brings together researchers from Unesp and USP to monitor Covid-19, 79.46% of the dead had comorbidities, while 83% were over 60 years old. Find out more details here!

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