Chile criticizes the President of Argentina for his interference in its internal affairs

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Argentine President Alberto Fernandez in Buenos Aires on March 1, 2020. Photo: Augustin Marcarian – Reuters

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Sunday it was “surprised” by the remarks by Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, who recently met with Chilean opposition leaders criticizing him for “interfering in Chile’s internal affairs”.

On Friday, center-left Fernandez met with members of the Popela Progressive Group, which among others, the leftist Ecuadorian leader Rafael Correa and Brazil’s Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who were among others.

News reports published on the website of the Popela Group website said that during the meeting, Fernandez encouraged left-wing parties in Chile to “overcome their differences and return to power in the name of the Chileans”.

The reports said that Fernandez informed the group that included leaders of socialist, communist and Christian Democratic parties with influence that he was “happy with what he saw in Chile.” And the Chilean Foreign Ministry criticized Fernandez’s statements in a statement on Sunday and said that it “does not contribute to promoting a bilateral agenda that was fruitful and set by different governments” In both countries. ”

Right-wing Chilean President Sebastian Bannera has faced months of violent protests over inequality in late 2019.

These protests resulted from an increase in the price of metro tickets and saw the army take to the streets for the first time since Augusto Pinochet’s rule. These protests have caused billions of dollars in damage to infrastructure and the business sector.

Prepared by Ahmed Sobhi Khalifa for the Arab Bulletin



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