Chile, Fidel and the OAS

Chile, Fidel and the OAS

June 9, 2018 12:01 AM What a difference the Venezuelan supporters of democracy see today in the Organization of American States presided over by Luis Almagro and that, infamous, in the hands of José Miguel Insulza, who was insulted almost daily by Hugo Chávez, a military man and more, inexperienced golpista. It goes without saying that here in Venezuela we felt a great shame for what was happening with the veteran Chilean diplomat who, no matter how many mistakes he was making in his administration at the OAS, did not deserve the mistreatment of any president of this continent. .

In the end, what was happening was nothing more or less than the preliminaries of a great battle whose objective was to reintegrate Cuba into the OAS. Of course, Fidel Castro did not want to be in the hemispheric forum (and he hid it until his goal was achieved) but to break the backbone of an organization that had committed the audacity to disrespect him and expose him to the contempt of world opinion. It was no small thing that demanded the bearded.

The arrival of Hugo Chávez to power in Venezuela could not be more than favorable for Fidel’s plans. Cuba, the Central American countries and the chain of islands of the Caribbean had in common a fundamental weakness for their economies: the lack of oil. And if a reliable, nearby and manirroto provider was willing to enter the game, then the table was served. Missing the invitations and showing the letters.

Thus, small islands and mainland nations were colonized with the purpose of integrating them into the new organization devised to act as a bloc when deciding in international instances. The old tactic of the mooring of votes so common to the old Latin American caudillos, but this time with an oiled machinery with oil.

While there was talk of sovereignty, imperialism and the recalcitrant right, Cuba was chaining its new servitude to its foreign policy and, first of all, to the OAS. Humiliated the latter and approved the re-entry of Cuba, satisfied his ego, then Fidel Castro gave the order to reject what was approved by the useful fools and turned his back on them. Goodbye well and I have not seen you.

But that contempt has now gone very dear to Cuba. He no longer has oil, Chavez is in some socialist galaxy, Fidel is equal and Lula (that great business agent of the Brazilian bourgeoisie) is tearful in a prison.

Luis Almagro, former chancellor of Uruguay (where Pepe Mujica, that disguised as a poor man, continues to make more or less funny phrases as seen) has revived the OAS and has become the most important center of discussion on the democratic problems of America Latina, in the midst of a great storm of ideas, advanced with the law in hand and not with oil at low prices, nor with political blackmail directed from Cuba.

The surprising success in the media and social networks of Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero for his lucid and passionate defense of democracy, formulated publicly in the OAS, is telling the old and sloppy socialist political leadership that come in other times.

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