China already begins to think about 6G technology, days after launching the 5G News


The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology announced Thursday that it has created a research group on the technology of sixth generation networks (6G), just days after launching the 5G technology.

The ministry explained that He has formed a work group of 37 experts, from universities, research institutes and companies, to begin studying 6G technology.

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“It is the official start of the research and development of 6G networks, ”The ministry said in a statement posted on its website.

In addition, the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, considered a world leader in 5G technology, is already working on 6G technology research, the company told AFP on Thursday, without giving further details.

China, which maintains a technological rivalry with the United States, hastened to launch 5G networks, which propose a much higher speed than existing 4G networks. The three main Chinese telephone operators already offer this service since Friday in the main cities of the country.

This technology is presented as a true telecommunications revolution as it proposes connected objects, driverless cars and increased automation in numerous aspects of everyday life.

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