China and Russia are calling for the end of NATO’s eastward expansion

Given their tensions with the USA move Russia and China closer together. Both countries called for an end to NATO’s eastward expansion in a joint statement on Friday.

the western military alliance had to give up his “ideological approaches of the Cold War era” and “the sovereignty, safety and respect the interests of other countries (…),” reads the paper published by the Kremlin. president Wladimir Putin received in Peking before the start of the Winter Olympics with the head of state and party Xi Jinping backing especially in the Ukraine crisis.

Strained relationship between Russia and the west

At the meeting, Putin described relations with China once again as “unprecedented”. They developed “in the spirit of friendship and strategic partnership” and took on an “unprecedented character”. Russia also wants more natural gas China to sell. Peking According to their own statements, they bought more gas from their neighbors last year than in 2020.

At present, relations between Russia and the west tense because of the Ukraine conflict. Moscow and Peking were “deeply concerned” about the international security situation. “Individual states, political-military alliances pursue the goal, directly or indirectly, of gaining unilateral military advantages at the expense of safety to obtain from others”.

We reject bloc formation, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, they said Moscow and Peking. At the same time, the statement said: Russia and China endeavored to establish an “equal and open security system in the Asia-Pacific region that is not directed against third countries”. In addition, call China and Russia the USA on not stationing medium- and short-range missiles in the region.

“Security of one country not at the expense of another”

Both countries appeal in the document that the safety of one country should not come at the expense of another. Russia because of the intense tensions in the Ukraine conflict, the foreign ministers of the Organization for safety and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) asked for answers to Moscow’s questions on safety in Europe admit. NATO and USA have already rejected central demands from Russia, but have shown themselves willing to talk.

The British government shares the assessment of the USA, that Russia create a pretext for an attack on Ukraine. A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke of “credible and extremely worrying” details in the US reports. “We have conducted our own analysis of this information and are sharing it conclusion of the USA,” he said. The spokesman also said Great Britain plan to send more soldiers to Eastern Europe. “We are considering options for further troop deployments to support NATO’s eastern flank.” He did not initially give any details.


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