China and Russia’s “dangerous approach” in space arouses concern: what to do if space junk is shocking-BBC News

October 16, 2020

Since humans began to explore space, an unavoidable problem has accumulated over time and has become more and more dangerous, that is, the shocking amount of space junk poses a security threat.

At a high place more than 1,000 kilometers away from the earth, two pieces of space junk floating freely in space moved closer to each other, getting closer and closer.

One is a long-decommissioned and abandoned Russian satellite, Kosmos-2004, which is incompletely broken, and the other is the wreckage of the Chinese Long March rocket that completed its mission. At one time, they were only 25 meters apart or even closer.

If they collide or “bear hug”, more space metal pieces will be produced, scattered into the air and floating freely, staying in this high space for a long time.

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