China bans imports of Taiwanese groupers

China bans imports of Taiwanese grouper – Radio Taiwan International

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Grouper (Photo NAC)

On January 6, China banned the import of groupers from two Taiwanese farms in the name of detecting banned chemicals. On June 10, the Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau of China Customs returned two vessels carrying live groupers and announced a total ban on the import of live groupers from Taiwan from June 13, due to the repeated detection of prohibited products such as malachite green or gentian violet in groupers imported from Taiwan. The oxytetracycline (antibiotic) detected also exceeds the tolerance threshold.

After pineapples and attiers, groupers become the 3e Taiwanese agricultural product completely banned by China. Following the Chinese announcement, the Taiwan Fisheries Bureau carried out checks on the groupers transported by the two returned vessels, which came from 11 different breeders. The result released on June 17 revealed that the random samples taken from the fish as well as the mud at the bottom of the aquaculture ponds and the breeding water of the 11 breeders concerned complied with Taiwanese health standards and Chinese standards. i.e. no residue of malachite green or gentian violet.

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