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China City limits the walking dog, ban them in parks, stadiums

BEIJING – A city in southwestern China has banned dogs from walking during the day, banning pets from parks, shopping malls, sports venues and other public spaces.

The ordinance issued by the city of Wenshan in Yunnan province on October 29 was cited as the most restrictive in a nation where dog ownership has long been subject to stringent regulations.

Under the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong, the ownership of domestic animals was viewed as a bourgeois affectation. In recent decades, however, the ownership of pets has revived. Chinese were wealthier, but had smaller families.

However, many cities still have rules about the size of dogs in which areas, with the capital Beijing banning large dogs from the city center. Dog parks are rare and dogs almost always have to be leashed.

However, the Wenshan ban seems to go far beyond saying that dogs can only be outside before 7am and after 10pm.

It also means that dog leashes should not be longer than 1 meter and dogs should only be run by adults.

Despite the recent popularity of dogs, many Chinese are watching out for the presence of wild or abducted dogs. The rabies virus spread by unvaccinated dogs accounts for a significant number of the approximately 2,000 deaths that the World Health Organization in China suffers each year.

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