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China defies US power and Russia

China, the United States and Russia are in full arms race.

In recent years, Beijing has been taking the lead in some fields thanks to the modernization of its army.

This has caused the United States to stop comparing with Russia to do with China in certain aspects, warned the International Institute for Strategic Studies in a report last year.

Turning the country into a leading military power has been one of the great objectives of the current Chinese president, Xi Jinping, who promoted the reform of the armed forces after his inauguration in 2013.

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Part of the investment of the Asian country lies in high technology, a field where its most important "advantages" are found.

In recent years, Beijing has been developing new high-tech weapons and renewed its army to the point of be able to challenge the power of the United States or Russia in some aspects.

"The result of the multidimensional technology acquisition strategy is an ELP (Chinese People's Liberation Army) about to deploy some of the most modern weapons systems in the world," says a report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

"In some areas, he is already a leader", says the study, titled" The Military Power of China "and published this month.

However, the specialists consulted by BBC Mundo recommend caution. The opacity of the Chinese regime and especially the secrecy surrounding its military or military development make it impossible to know many details of its advances in this sector.

Here we present three new recently announced weapons:

1. The "most powerful" naval weapon

Experts believe that China can change "the playing field" with a naval weapon of extraordinary power.

The official newspaper Global Times published on January 3 that Chinese ships will soon be equipped with a cannon that uses electromagnetic energy that fires projectiles with a "incredible destructive speed"

Test with an electromagnetic weapon.Copyright of the imageU.S. NAVY
Image captionThe United States has conducted tests on these weapons, like this one in 2012.

The United States works on similar weapons and Russia and Iran they have also shown interest, but the Chinese media say that the country has taken the lead.

Citing a report by the state broadcaster CCTV, the Global Times notes that the technology is based on Chinese "intellectual property" and that the 055 destroyer is expected to install the weapon.

The device stands out for its precision and ability to reach targets at greater distance in less time, but it is an extremely expensive technology.

The news comes after the dissemination of some photographs on social networks last December of alleged evidence of this type of cannon in the sea. Although the veracity of the same could not be confirmed by BBC World.


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