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China is putting pressure on German MPs

China has accused Germany of interfering in its internal affairs over a human rights issue in the Xinjiang region and threatening consequences for the German-Chinese relationship. The Bundestag debated the "so-called human rights situation" in Xinjiang on November 8, despite the strong objection of the Chinese side, the spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Berlin wrote in a statement published on the embassy's website. With its "arbitrary accusations in defiance of reality", Germany is performing a "gross violation of China's sovereignty".

China is very dissatisfied with that and protest against it Bundestag and the Federal Government by diplomatic means with a demarche. Such a protest note is usually addressed directly to government agencies. Beijing, however, apparently wants to put pressure on parliamentarians.

China has been international for a long time because of its actions against members of the Turkic people of the Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in the region Xinjiang negative pressure. There are 23 million people living in Xinjiang, of which more than ten million are Muslims. Sanctions had already been considered in the US. A UN human rights panel recently reported more than one million members of the Uighur people being held in camps.

"In the right direction"

Riots in the region had killed hundreds of people in recent years. After heavy fighting in 2009 and a series of terrorist attacks, security forces are cracking down there. The German Bundestag had dealt with the situation in Xinjiang last Thursday. In a Greens application to it was "arbitrary mass arrests of members of the minorities of the Uighurs and Kazakhs" the speech.

The Chinese embassy spokesman threatened the parliamentarians on the state website indirectly with negative consequences. He called on the Bundestag, called his country, "to look at the overall picture of German-Chinese relations and to refrain from unjustified allegations against China and interference in China's internal affairs." It is hoped that the German side will take the concern and the demarche seriously "to ensure that German-Chinese relations continue to develop in the right direction".

"The problem of violence and terrorism is no different in Germany than in Xinjiang, China," the embassy spokesman argued. "There are people who are being 'brainwashed' by terrorist extremist groups abroad, religious fanaticism and the tendency to violence." Since the 1990s, there have been thousands of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang that have cost or injured thousands of lives. Meanwhile, it has been possible that there have been no violent terrorist attacks for 22 months.

Criticism in the UN Human Rights Council

The Green Bundestag member Margaret Bause said about the message on the embassy side, she protects against such interference, warnings or even threats. In Baus's office, a staff member of the embassy had also called to articulate the displeasure of the Chinese. The human rights spokesman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Michael Brand, strongly criticized China's response to the parliamentary debate: "That's not possible. said Brand Mirror online, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, who resigned on Sunday with a business delegation Peking travels, that must make clear according to fire. Beijing is not just about economic dominance, but about the attack of the liberal system of the West. Maas also wants to talk about the situation of the Uighurs in China.

Shortly before the Bundestag debate, several Western states, including Germany, criticized China's government for treating the Uighurs at a UN Human Rights Council meeting last week in Geneva. US Ambassador Mark Cassayre called on China to "release" the "hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people immediately," which were arbitrarily detained in the area. The representatives of Canada and the United Kingdom said that the human rights situation in China has generally deteriorated.

The Chinese government once again denied mass imprisonment of the Uighur Muslim minority in Geneva. China's representative at the hearing, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng, said the allegations were politically motivated. The UN Human Rights Council periodically reviews the human rights situation in all UN member states.



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