Journalists and experts from the industry discussed about the current geopolitical strategies of China and what are the advantages and disadvantages for Europe and other Nations out of it. As a Keynote Speaker could IFWKFounder Rudolf J. Melzer welcome the long-time Asia correspondent of the Wirtschaftswoche, Matthias Kamp, the builds currently, the Asia-Economics Department of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ).

For an exciting look at the virtual Podium furthermore, the FACC was provided by Chef Robert makes linger, Isabella Mader, CEO of the Think-Tanks, Excellence Institute, as well as the CEO of Great Wall Motor Austria Research & Development GmbH, Markus Schermann. “No country has more Unicorns, so Startups with a valuation of more than one billion dollars, as China”, explained Matthias Kamp in the introduction in his Keynote address at the first digital press-hour of the International forum for business communication (IFWK). It is also a fact that China’s influence on the West, not least due to the Coronavirus crisis, will continue to increase. Kamp: “America is sinking is currently in Chaos, China recognizes this opportunity and want to take advantage of gaps while Europe has still not found a single line out of the crisis. Because China is after more than four decades of Reform and opening – up policy, the Gorilla in the Ring – and also technologically.“

China as a systemic rival to the EU

Europe is in its individual countries, structures to divers and is not a unit. For the European Union, China was not currently a Partner, but a systemic rival: “China wants to expand its geopolitical influence in Europe. Countries such as Serbia or Hungary bind themselves increasingly closer to Beijing, while you go to Brussels at a distance. China sneaks on the world stage but stormed it,“ Kamp continued. The Journalist is not recommended in Europe, closing our eyes to China, but to use to identify synergies: “it is Vital now to seek dialogue with China.”

The Markus Schermann, CEO of Great Wall Motor Austria Research & Development GmbH confirmed, of both systems for years China observed closed: “occurs and with a uniform strategy. There is a Plan for how the economy will be brought and this will be followed with any other determination than it is the case in the West.“ Here, cultural differences play a big role: “In the Chinese culture, more dedication and hard work is put on the day, while more care is taken to solve the crises with as much as possible convenience for all parties Involved.” This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, the solution of the problem takes much longer than in China.

Learning from China – single-mindedness and strategic Thinking

The experts agree that it is for the West, it is time to analyze Chinese ways of Thinking and acting and to not be dismissed per se. Isabella Mader, CEO of Excellence Institute and Executive Advisor to the Global Peter Drucker forum, sees the main differences in the leadership understanding of cultures: “If in China, someone at the top, it stays there for a long time, in politics as in the economy. The downside is that you don’t get rid of bad managers so easily, how is that in democracies the case. The advantage is that long-term visions in China can be better implemented, since the actors over the decades are the same.“

You have also learned at the aviation technology group FACC AG, since 2009, the majority of the state’s Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is one of. CEO Robert makes linger: “We are a global company and could learn from all the cultures with which we work. The special feature of the Chinese culture, the long-term nature and single-mindedness is. A singularity fits also very well to the FACC DNA. We had even 30 years ago, disruptive ideas. This is the approach we follow today. In contrast to Europe, the setbacks are tolerated, as long as you learn from it. This understanding makes it possible, even in the long term, plan ahead and pursuing goals. The long-term durability is a big difference with the Western Startup-understanding.“

“We all know of examples, that such brand-name products, consumer goods or patented machines recreated in China cheap and then well below the usual price in Europe are sold illegally. This Tamper-Western market companion, which has already brought some of the Original manufacturer very in distress, is regarded in China as a virtue in the Western world, of course, as a Vice,“ warned the founder and President of the IFWK, Rudolf J. Melzer, company in front of it, to be gullible to deal with business people from China involved. Because the List applied formally as a sporting discipline.

With caution to enjoy: Threatens European companies in the sale?

In this regard, Matthias Kamp analyzed further: “China has become in some areas a lot more careful. The policy occurs, for example, now on the brake, as regards the investment abroad.“ And yet the influence of China, especially in High-Tech will continue to increase, companies. The discussants agreed that partnerships can only work if the knowledge and investment transfer takes place in both directions. Kamp: “in Spite of the existing shortcomings, China has opened in the past few years, its market for foreign investors continuously.” This is also confirmed by Robert linger of Power: “The concern of the population after the entrance of the AVIC in the case of FACC, the technology transfer would only run in one direction, we were able to overcome. The protection of customer data is our top priority.“

Under the Moderation of the China expert of the daily newspaper, The press, Marlies Edertook place this digital IFWK press hour for the first time via Zoom. The discussants were from Munich and Ried im Innkreis, Austria, Kottingbrunn and Vienna via the conference tool on. Among the many guests in the virtual Auditorium, the voestalpine management Board Reinhard Nöbauer, the chief financial officer of the Austria press Agency, Doris Pokorny, the PR-Manager of IKEA Austria, Barbara Riedl, the managing Director of the brand article Association, Günter Thumser, the longtime editor-in-chief of the trend, as well as of the economic sheet, Peter Muzik, lawyer William sweet Cream, Pörner-in-chief, Rainer Walter, as well as IFWK-founding member and Consultant Josef Anreiter were, among other things:.

The most important Links of the public authorities and institutions, for companies around the Coronavirus found here.

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