China Reports First Case of Monkeypox


China Reports First Case of Monkeypox. PHOTO/Reuters

BEIJING China record case monkey pox first on Friday (16/9/2022). The case occurred in someone who had recently entered the country, officials said.

As reported by AFP, the Health Authority in the southwestern city of Chongqing said the person was showing symptoms while undergoing quarantine for COVID-19. Under China’s zero-COVID policy, people entering the country usually have to complete between one and two weeks of isolation upon arrival.

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“The monkeypox patient was diagnosed after developing symptoms, including a skin rash,” the City Health Commission said in a report. The commission categorized the case as an “imported infection”.

“The patient is undergoing centralized isolation at the designated hospital and is in stable condition,” the report continued. “Because the patient was immediately isolated upon entering the city, there was no trace of social transmission, and the risk of transmission was low,” the report added.

Last week, Hong Kong recorded its first case of monkeypox in a 30-year-old man who showed symptoms while undergoing a three-day COVID-19 quarantine period in the city for arrival.

The patient had no contact with the public, according to a health official, who said the risk of Hong Kong residents being infected was “very low”.

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Meanwhile, US health officials warned against overusing the only drug available to treat monkeypox, saying that even a small mutation in the virus could render the pill ineffective.

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The Food and Drug Administration updated its guidance this week for TPOXX, which has been prescribed to tens of thousands of patients with the virus.