China responds to the US: “Everything is a strategy to cover up Trump’s incompetence”

The tabloid ‘Global Times’, belonging to the People’s Daily of the Chinese Communist Party, has responded Monday to the accusations made by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, pointing out thatthey are a “strategy” to divert attention from the president’s “incompetence”Donald Trump, to manage the coronavirus pandemic in the United States and win reelection in the November presidential elections.

Pompeo declared this Sunday that there is “asignificant amount of evidence“demonstrating that the coronavirus that has caused a global pandemicoccurred in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, origin of the virus.

“As electoral campaigns for the United States presidential election are underway, the Trump Administration has implemented astrategy designed to divert attention from the incompetence it has shown in the fight against the pandemic“The Global Times” has indicated in its editorial. “It is clear that its objective is to blame China for the pandemic by pointing to the country as the source of Covid-19,” he added.

The tabloid has also specified that the White House issacrificing Pompeo’s credibility as a politicianwhich ultimately causes the secretary of state to do “everything possible to ensure a victory for Trump and the Republicans in November,” a “reckless” goal.

“In United States,Covid-19 deaths exceeded 67,000 on Sunday. The United States recently revised its previous estimate of deaths from 60,000 to 100,000. Trying to activate the economy in such difficult conditions is risky, since a second outbreak could affect the United States in winter, “he said.


“The ultimate goal now isWin the election. If the anger and dissatisfaction of the American public arose due to Washington’s incompetence over how it has handled the pandemic, then the Trump Administration would lose in November, “he said.

In this context, the newspaper, which has indicated that Pompeo“Continually tries to deceive” the American people and that his words were “bluffing”, has emphasized that the Trump Administration is engaged “in an unprecedented propaganda war while trying to impede global efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“The most urgent tasks for international communities areprevent the spread of the virus and save livesas the world economy restarts. Ironically, Washington has made the weakest efforts to accomplish the aforementioned tasks, “the Global Times has criticized.

As for the evidence that Pompeo claims to have, the newspaper believes that if it really did, “it should allow research institutes and scientists to examine and verify it.” In parallel, he proposes that “another option would be thatintelligence agencies will publish a detailed report on the origin of the virus, which would help the White House continue to move forward in its speculations. “

“Washingon has chosen not to pursue any of those options and is instead using a politician like Pompeo to deceive American society with what they have called ‘enormous evidence’,” they insisted from the newspaper.


The editorial in the ‘Global Times’ has also referred to Washington’s accusations of covering up the pandemic. “The accusationhas lost all credibility, since the documents … revealed that the United States ignored the warnings of other countries and organizations during the start of the outbreak, “the newspaper said.

This being the case, he values ​​that these revelations “have inspired” the American Executive “to launch aassault directed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, alleging that the facility leaked the virus, “which can be used to” avoid being accused of pandemic embezzlement. “

Referring to Pompeo’s request that China grant the United States access to the aforementioned laboratory, the tabloid believes that “it aims to create more disputes, which would take longer to resolve, and increase the dissatisfaction of the American people against China.”

Attack on Pompeo

The ‘Global Times’ also reserves some lines to directly attack the figure of Pompeo. After stressing that the Secretary of State uses “a strategy to divert public attention and create opinions that serve the interests of the White House and Congress,” he asserts that for him “and others like him, facts and morals do not have value”.

“Pompeo indulges in asolo performance that has not met professional standardsexpected of a diplomatic chief. Their claims are not backed by scientists or reliable intelligence, “according to the editorial.

“It is foreseeable that this politician, who has lost his moral compass, will continue to surprise the world with hisabsurd theories and twisted facts“has settled.


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