China Strongly Opposes US Sanctions Against 12 Chinese Companies

Through : Vivienne| Key words : China, USA, list | Updated on 25-11-2021

China strongly opposes US sanctions imposed on 12 Chinese companies and will file solemn representations to the United States, China’s Commerce Ministry said Thursday.

The United States has overstepped the concept of national security and arbitrarily imposed sanctions, Commerce Department spokesman Shu Jueting told a press conference in response to questions about the US decision to blacklist Chinese companies.

“This action seriously lacks a factual basis, and its procedures are very opaque,” she said.

The new sanctions list introduced by the US Department of Commerce is at odds with the consensus reached by the two heads of state, does not serve the interests of both countries, and compromises the safety of the world’s industrial and supply chains , as well as the global economic recovery, continued the spokesperson.


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