China Suárez spoke about the first time she slept with Rusherking: “I didn’t want him to let go”

China Suárez told how it was the first time she slept with Rusherking: “I never wanted him to let go of me again” (Video: Night al dente, America)

debuted last monday al dente night, conducted by Fernando Dente. The program that goes every day on the American screen, had as a guest on Wednesday night the China Suarez. Wearing a long transparent chiffon skirt and a black blazer with gold buttons, the actress and singer appeared while parading next to the driver. “We have a lot of young energy,” Dente told him.

With a fast and very dynamic rhythm, the conductor presented Hypnotized, Eugenia’s new theme with her boyfriend Rusherking. “You don’t know how excited I get when I hear someone on the street listening to a song where I am,” China confessed.

Immediately afterwards, they both stood on stage and began to sing the song as a duet. Later, she described how the video clip they made with the musician was. “We asked Alejandro Fantino to come to participate in the video and when he arrived he found the news that he had to marry us. We recorded the song a little over a week ago. Tomy invited me to participate, we got together in the studio and began to try various songs. Finally, we decided on this re-catchy song in a cumbia version, although we touched the lyrics a little bit, ”she said.

“You’ve already heard what they say about you,” the driver said sharply, to which China responded emphatically: “I am an honest person, beyond the fact that things happen in life, I consider myself an honest person.”

Later, he recounted how it was the moment in which his eldest daughter, Rufina, participated in the video clip. “I asked Nico (Cabré) for authorization who was in Mexico. So he asked Rufi if she wanted to be a part of it and since she was delighted, she immediately said that she was ”.

China Suárez and Rusherking (Instagram)

The driver returned to the analysis of his personality. “Many things are said about you and at the same time you are very mysterious. If you had to tell someone who doesn’t know you who you are, what would you tell them? he asked. The singer responded with a laugh: “I would tell him not to Google me.”

At this point in her life, China commented that she feels very happy and very calm. “At 31 years old I am still surprised, I really enjoy motherhood, I define myself more with my role with my children, I love raising them and doing activities with them,” she highlighted.

As for having more children, he clarified that he feels that now is not the time. “It’s something I really like but I’m very happy enjoying my career, I started making music, I feel like I don’t have that energy now.”

Later, the Dente cycle invites the participant to select various themes that represent his life. Thus, China chose the hillbilly, of the chalchalerosBecause it’s a song that reminds him of his dad, who was a big fan of theirs. Also, he chose perfect, Her boyfriend’s Rusherking y Dread Mar-I. She immediately began to tell how she met the musician, with whom she claims to be “completely in love.”

“We have been together for less than a year, but it was very intense, we had a very inexplicable connection, which not even I can explain. We met at Bresh, I didn’t know him personally, I liked his attitude, he had a green hood, he was mysterious, he wasn’t the life of the party and I thought he was super cute. Everything was very slow, very different from what I had been doing in my life, like those old relationships, everything very slowly, ”she revealed.

China Suárez and Rusherking, in the video of the first song they released together: Hypnotized
China Suárez and Rusherking, in the video of the first song they released together: Hypnotized

And then he added: “Although I’m not traditional, I remember that the first time I slept with him it had never happened to me, I’m kind of phobic, I don’t like to sleep curled up, but it happened to me that he hugged me and inside I said ‘for please never let me go again’”, he confessed. “I did not want to have anything to do with falling in love, nothing at all. And neither did he, he told me that he had already healed from his previous relationship but we had no other option. We weren’t going to play stupid, ”she recalled about the first moments together.

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