Lime.- China, the United States and Brazil are the main suppliers of Peru, with a share of 41%, 23% and 21% of total imports in the period January-September 2018, said the Foreign Trade Company (Comex Peru).

He noted that imports from China totaled US $ 7,364 million in the referred period, an amount higher by 13.7% compared to the first nine months of 2017.

In the case of the United States, imports from that country reached US $ 6,947 million (+ 17%) and those from Brazil added US $ 1,738 million (+ 4.8%), for the similar comparison period.

Likewise, Comex Peru specified that the trade balance of Peru between January and September of this year reached a value of US $ 3,344 million, an amount higher by 20.9% in the same period of 2017.

Regarding the amount of total imports in the aforementioned period, it reached US $ 32,257 million, an amount higher by 10.7% compared to the similar time period of 2017.

Consumer goods totaled US $ 7,291 million (+ 4.4%), intermediate goods reached US $ 15,892 million (+ 18.3%), and capital goods registered US $ 9,049 million (+ 4.1%).

By categories. Regarding the main imported products, the business association noted that in the category of capital goods, they were cell phones, laptops and pick-up trucks.

In the case of cell phones, their imports during the first nine months of 2018 totaled US $ 789 million (+ 2.2%), laptops recorded revenues of US $ 282 million (+ 5.5%), and pick-up trucks totaled US $ 207 million (+ 21.7%).

In the intermediate goods category, crude oil or bituminous mineral oils were US $ 2,171 million (+ 24.2%), diesel B5 with sulfur content less than or equal to 50 ppm for US $ 1,256 million (+ 16.5%), " wheat: the rest "for US $ 380 million, for the referred period.

In the category of consumer goods, the main ones were vehicles with displacement between 1,500 cm3 and 3,000 cm3 for US $ 491 million (-13.2%), vehicles with displacement between 1,000 cm3 and 1,500 cm3 for US $ 365 million (-13.4%), and televisions for US $ 392 million (+ 29.5%).


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