China: “The US does not decide whether we are a developing country or not”

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday approved a bill calling for the cancellation of China’s status as a developing country. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, said on Friday that the United States of America wants to impose the status of a developed country on China not because it appreciates and confirms China’s development achievements, to deprive Beijing of its status as a country. developing, only to destabilize its development. China’s status as the world’s largest developing country has a factual and solid basis in international law that cannot be overturned by a single bill from the US Congress. China’s legitimate rights as a developing country cannot be abrogated by politicians in the White House.

Regarding statements made by several US congressmen that China is taking advantage of its position as a developing country to evade international responsibilities, Wang reiterated that regardless of Beijing’s contribution to global growth and of its contribution as a member state of the UN and for peacekeeping actions, such input and contributions being much higher than in the case of most developing states. The US cannot deny the reality of China as a developing country, nor will it succeed in stopping the Chinese from the path of relaunching the nation.

Article by Radio China International and CCTV

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2023-06-10 08:32:31