China has accused Taiwan's spy agencies of increasing its efforts to steal intelligence information with the aim of "infiltration" and "sabotage" and warned the island against further damage to its strained cross-strait relations.

The Taiwanese authorities must cease such activities immediately, Xinhua official news agency said on Sunday, citing An Fengshan, a spokesman for the Chinese office for Taiwan Affairs.

On Saturday, state television launched the first program of a series of programs describing cases in which Chinese students in Taiwan are haunted by domestic spies who attract them with money, love and friendship.

The allegations come as China intensifies its efforts to encourage the Taiwanese to settle permanently in China, with new identity cards and other incentives.

Taiwan has warned its people to ignore the risks of an autocratic country with Internet censorship and other disadvantages.

China and Taiwan often deal with spy allegations.

In 2017, a Chinese student studying in Taiwan was sentenced to prison for collecting sensitive information through contacts in Taiwanese schools and government agencies and trying to establish a spy network on the island.

China sees democratic Taiwan as a renegade province and has never renounced the use of force to make it happen, a prospect Taiwan is often reminded of, with Chinese warships and jets thronging regularly around the island.


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