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The Wuhan laboratory (photo: ANSA)

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(ANSA) – BEIJING, 13 OTT – China is preparing to examine up to 200,000 blood samples taken in the city of Wuhan before the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic, that is, until the last months of 2019, to help light on how and when the responsible coronavirus passed from animal to man, CNN reported, citing a “Chinese official.”
This was requested by the World Health Organization (WHO), CNN recalled, last February.
The blood samples in question are kept at the Wuhan Blood Center.
The blood bank samples were kept for two years, Chinese officials said, in case they were needed as evidence in eventual legal actions related to their donation.
That period will expire soon, during the key months of October and November 2019, when most experts believe that the virus could have infected humans, that is before December.
An official with the Chinese National Sanitary Commission told CNN that preparation for the tests is currently underway.
The samples contain “absolutely vital clues,” said Maureen Miller, associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, asking China to allow foreign experts to observe the process.
“No one will believe the results that China reports, unless there are no qualified observers,” he added. (ANSA).

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