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Original title: China’s three-person basketball national team goes to Yao Ming: the guarantee of the Basketball Association is your backing

In the early morning of June 17, the Chinese three-person basketball national team left for Brussels, Belgium after training in Beijing, starting a three-month training trip for overseas competitions. Before leaving, Yao Ming, Chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Guo Zhenming, Secretary of the Joint Party Committee of the Basketball Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, and Secretary of the Chinese Basketball Association, and Yuan Yongqing, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, mobilized all the expedition personnel, and Chai Wensheng, the three-person basketball director of the National Team Construction Committee of the Chinese Basketball Association Pre-departure training for expedition personnel. The Chinese three-person basketball national team’s training trip for overseas competitions is long, with many events, heavy tasks, difficulties and challenges in all aspects. The Chinese Basketball Association sends a message to all expedition personnel to seize the precious opportunity to train the team, improve the team’s strength, and at the same time I also wish all the expedition personnel a safe and healthy return.

This year’s China three-person basketball national team assembled on April 8 to prepare for the 2022 three-person basketball World Cup, Asian Cup, three-person basketball U23 national league and other major international events this year. The first batch of expedition members left Beijing on June 17 to go to Antwerp, Belgium to participate in the three-person basketball World Cup from June 21 to 26, and then the team will go to Austria for adjustment training according to the situation. At the beginning of July, the team will leave Europe for Singapore to participate in the Asian Cup held locally from July 6th to 10th. After the game, return to Austria to continue training. The women’s team will prepare for the WS series in Spain, Czech Republic, France and other places in August. And strive to qualify for the 2022 FIBA ​​three-person basketball women’s series finals in mid-September, and the men’s team will compete in some national leagues in Europe.

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Depending on the visa situation, the U23 national team plans to go to Austria to prepare for the game on June 27, and join the first team that will return to Austria after the World Cup. In the WS series in Bordeaux, France, the men’s team participated in the local Austrian three-player basketball league. On July 23, the U23 men’s and women’s basketball team left Austria for Malaysia to participate in the U23 National League from July 25-31. After the game, the U23 men’s and women’s basketball team plans to return to Austria for adjustment and training with the first team in preparation for the U23 National League Finals from August 14th to 16th.

After completing the above training tasks, the first team plans to return to China after the WS finals in mid-September to prepare for the new season of CBA and WCBA. Depending on the visa situation, the U23 women’s team may continue to stay in Europe to participate in the U23 World Cup from October 5th to 9th. The U23 men’s team plans to return to the country for isolation after the U23 National League Finals, and the players return to the clubs to prepare for the new season’s domestic league.

Chai Wensheng said: “This time the team will participate in a series of events that are closely linked. The three-month visit is unprecedented, and the lineup is also huge, setting a record for the longest time for a three-person basketball national team to participate in overseas competitions. Like the World Cup’s Competitions and U23 National Leagues have a very intensive schedule, which is a huge test for physical fitness. Next, each team must prepare for physical fitness reserves, injury prevention and disease prevention. Now, the competition for Olympic points by national and regional teams is very high. Intense, so we must cherish every opportunity to participate, go all out in the game, and play every game well. Not to mention that everyone will participate in 20 games in this expedition, exercise the players themselves, and deepen the understanding of the team. The improved understanding of the three-man basketball is very helpful.”

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Yao Ming told each player at the mobilization meeting: “You have a very important task on your shoulders, and it is also an important process for the development of the national team and each of you. You must use these games to run the team and improve yourself. To get points, everyone must concentrate on moving forward and immerse themselves in it. I believe that the guarantee of our entire team and the basketball association will become a strong backing for each of you. The teamwork of three-player basketball is even better than five-player basketball. The old players in the team should play the role of passing and guiding the team, have the courage to take responsibility, help the coach and help the young players.”

At a time when the epidemic situation is repeated and complicated, Yao Ming repeatedly emphasized to the athletes: “It took 3 months to go overseas. To be honest, we are more worried. Each of you is a valuable asset of the association, and you can return safely. It is very important to the association, and it is also very important to your family. The stability of the family is also the foundation of our career development. You should call your family regularly to report safety after the intense competition. “Return to Sohu, see more


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