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Chinese giant Tencent acquires British game company Sumo for 1.1 billion euros – Gaming – News

by archyw

The moment your only argument is “yes, but what America does is not good either”, then this falls under whataboutism. That may partly fall under selective shopping, but that does not mean that it is not whataboutism. Not only is a false dilemma created, as if you have to choose between two bad guys, but the accusation is not addressed at all and goes straight to a “but they do this”.
Long story short: They are both fallacies and they are very similar.

Maybe read it again. We are also not talking about China but about the purchase of Sumo by Tencent. The Chinese government also does not buy up game studios or publishers. Shop selectively again. It’s good that really nobody denies or condones that American government services also keep an eye on it too much, ditto for China. However, let’s not say that China is the only one

However, you should still read carefully. The article itself may not go into that, but this discussion follows a response from user Guneyd. This is the discussion going on here right now.

So you’re okay with people disappearing in concentration camps (and in the USA’s case still in Guantanomo and along the Mexican border) and that we should just ignore that, because it was the rules? also striking!

No and that is why I have never given any signal that this is not an important theme.
We are talking about China here, not the US.

In addition, Guantanamo Bay is not a concentration camp, where people are locked up merely because they were born into a religious circle, but because there are suspicions of participating in a terrorist fight. The prison still has a dubious reputation, but that is irrelevant to the discussion.
It is estimated that there are more than a million Uyghurs in camps. When Obama left his post, there were 41 detainees in Guantanamo Bay. Also quite a big difference.
The ICE detention centers are not concentration camps either (perhaps look up that definition). ICE’s bizarre approach to this, to say the least, isn’t about isolating populations based on ethnic, religious, or social characteristics. These are people who illegally try to enter a country. It’s all very sad and it all goes way too far, but the definitions are quite far apart.

Actually an incorrect comparison and a classic example of whataboutism.
In addition, you apply someone else’s logic to me, as if I expressed that opinion. Which is clearly not the case.

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