A cybersecurity company in the United States assured that Chinese hackers had infiltrated Vatican computers in the last three months, said The New York Times, at a time when Rome and Beijing discussed the conditions of extension of the agreement for the appointment joint bishops.

The American newspaper The New York Times published today that Chinese hackers have attacked the servers of the Holy See, based on a study by the American company Recorded Future, specialized in cyber security and based in Massachusetts.

According to the reconstruction of the North American newspaper, published in the midst of the US global siege to the growth of Chinese technology companies such as Huawei, the attacks began in early May with a file with official letterhead from Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, number two of the Vatican Secretariat of State, and addressed to the Catholic religious authorities of Hong Kong.

The letter, which would have functioned as the carrier of the spy program, carried a message from Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, although according to the investigation it is not yet clear if the letter was forged, or if it is a real document that attackers obtained and then hacked.

The alleged infiltration occurs when less than two months remain until the expiration of the provisional agreement that China and the Vatican signed on September 22, 2018 for two years to jointly designate bishops, in the first gesture of bilateral rapprochement since the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China in October 1949.


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