“Chinese” Haval H6 for 1.2 million pleasantly surprised blogger: AvtoMedia: VladTime


According to the expert, he didn’t expect anything special from the “little brother” of the expensive Haval H9, but H6 managed to surprise him.

The popular reviewer Maxim Krasilnikov chose for his new video “Chinese” for 1.2 million rubles with a 1.5-liter turbo engine for 153 “horses” and direct injection. The expert refused from the more powerful and expensive (75 thousand rubles more expensive) 2.0-liter 190-horsepower turbo engine, since he found his younger version more interesting and more technological – while creating it, BMW developments were used.

In addition to some components and assemblies of the power plant, from the German brand Haval H6 received and appearance, developed by the same person who "came up with" the exterior of the BMW X6 and X5 and a number of other representatives of the model range of the Bavarian auto giant.

Due to all this, the H6 can boast not only a reliable, durable motor, but also a stylish design that stands out favorably against the same “Koreans” in this price segment. The expert liked a wide range of additional options, which, if desired, and the availability of extra money, you can equip the interior of the Chinese SUV.

Here and tinted rear windows, and stylish background illumination of the instrument panel, dual-zone heated steering wheel, warning system of departure from the lane and much more. In terms of safety, this car is equipped quite well – 6 airbags, a dead zone monitoring system, which, according to the blogger, works just fine, and a very high-quality rear-view camera with a detailed picture and high resolution.

As for the impressions of driving a Haval H6, here from the negative one can only point out not the quickest speed mode, which, however, noticeably changes the car’s behavior on the road, and when switching from the standard one, the reaction and response from the pedal change from imposing regular to instant, the cross ceases to shift gears with a delay and moves much less smoothly than before, and the maximum torque is reached at 1,800 rpm. “I expected the worst, but Haval H6 pleased me!” The blogger finished his review.




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