Chinese mask makers struggle for survival after brief golden age

Tighter regulations and falling prices are causing a struggle for survival among China’s mask makers as the Covid-19 pandemic has made the market more competitive.

“Since April, orders have dropped between five and six times,” lamented Yang Hao, commercial director at CCST, a Shenzhen city company that specializes in air purifiers but has become a manufacturer of respiratory protection masks at the height of the epidemic.

First country affected by the new coronavirus, China quickly established itself as the leading mask manufacturer worldwide. Beijing did not hesitate to use this capability at the diplomatic level, with donations abroad released by official Beijing agencies.

Between March and May, the Asian country exported more than 50 billion masks, according to data from Chinese customs. This represents 10 times the total production of this type of equipment compared to the same period last year.

Hundreds of companies have embarked on the race to manufacture masks, as the need for protective equipment against coronavirus has increased worldwide and prices have skyrocketed.

Chinese car maker BYD, for example, became the world‘s largest manufacturer of masks in just a few weeks, with a capacity of 5 million units per day.


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