A Chinese restaurant wiped nearly $ 200 million off its stock market rating after local media reported that a pregnant female customer found a dead rat in her stew.

An employee of the Xiabuxiabu restaurant in Weifang City, East China, reportedly offered the client an abortion fee of 20,000 yuan (£ 2,200) after she commented on the effects on her unborn child when she received food from the stew in which she was serving Cooked rodent had found, had eaten.

Shares of Xiabuxiabu Catering plunged 6.1 percent on Monday and another 11 percent on Tuesday after the Grizzly find last week.

Photos and videos of the rat, which was fished out of a pot of steaming broth, were widely used online, causing the authorities to temporarily close the restaurant.

A Weifang man named Ma told Shanghai-based Kankan News that he and his family would eat at the restaurant when his wife found a dead rat in the soup after a few bites.

Mr. Ma was quoted as saying the restaurant staff had told him, "If you're worried about the baby, we'll give you 20,000 yuan to cancel it."

The client said he had turned down the offer because he wanted his wife to undergo a medical examination before accepting compensation.

According to reports, Xiabuxiabu released a statement – now deleted – on the Chinese social networking website Weibo, saying that his own research had revealed that the restaurant's hygiene procedures were not the cause of the problem.



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