Chinese securities authorities call for talks with US SEC-IPO suspension-Bloomberg

Following the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s suspension of initial public offering (IPO) registrations by Chinese companies in the United States, Chinese securities authorities have called for talks with the SEC.

China Securities Regulatory Commission (Certificate Regulatory Commission) on the 1stIn the presentation material, he stated that he would aim to strengthen communication with SEC in order to find an appropriate solution.

The SEC says it will suspend the IPO registration process until Chinese companies improve their risk disclosure. Regarding this, the Witness Board said that it would seek mutual respect and cooperation in solving the problem.

As the Chinese government tightens the private sector, SEC Chairman Gensler urges staff to disclose additional information to Chinese companies before approving their IPO application documents.Instructed. Prior to this, Chinese authorities had proposed new rules that would require almost any company seeking an overseas listing to undergo a cybersecurity review.

China to tighten overseas IPO rules-for almost all companies

SEC is under pressure to tighten scrutiny of Chinese companies’ IPOs as U.S.-listed Chinese ride-hailing service giant Drop Global’s stock price plummets and hits U.S. investors. ..

Original title:China Seeks More Communication With U.S. on Overseas IPOs (1)(抜粋)


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