Chinese Super League restarts Chinese football to enter the league on December 12

Original title: Chinese Super League will restart Chinese football to enter the league on December 12

Article source: Beijing Youth Daily

According to the plan, the Chinese team will be transferred to Shanghai on December 2 to “independently observe” for 7 days after undergoing a 14-day closed quarantine in Suzhou, and the international footballers will return to the track of the professional league. According to a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily, the second stage of the Chinese Super League is scheduled to be held from December 12 to January 4 next year. Held on the 12th. The Football Association Cup finals are scheduled to be held on January 9 next year. Taking into account the international team’s preparations for the season and the new year of competition, the coaching staff agreed that they will take a few days of vacation after the end of the 2021 season in various domestic competitions. The national football team is expected to sound the assembly call in Shanghai from January 15th to 20th next year, and head to Japan around the 23rd to participate in the seventh round of the top 12 match with the Japanese team.

During the closed quarantine, the whole team still trains regularly

The Chinese team returned to China on November 18, and then returned to the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel in Taihu, Suzhou that night, and underwent a 14-day closed quarantine observation in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations, and was transferred to Shanghai for a period of time on December 2. 7 days of “self-observation”.

Taking into account the high probability that the second stage of the Chinese Super League will kick off on December 12, the coaching staff of the national football team deliberately arranged for the whole team to conduct regular training during the closed isolation period. As some Chinese Super League teams will be preparing for the league in Shanghai in the near future, their internationals may directly meet with the club team on December 2. After the “independent observation” is over on the 9th, they will go to Guangzhou or Suzhou to participate in the Chinese Super League.

Chinese football has re-entered the league time, and the preparations for the Chinese team in the seventh round of the top 12 match against Japan and the eighth round against Vietnam have also quietly started. The current coaching staff combined with the schedule of the Chinese Super League, the Football Association Cup and other competitions has set the timetable for the next stage of the National Football League.

Will not arrange a two-week long training in January next year

It is understood that the second-stage relegation and championship competitions of the Chinese Super League are scheduled to start in Suzhou and Guangzhou on December 12 and 13, and will end on January 3 and 4 next year. The first round of the Super A play-offs is scheduled to be held on January 7th and 8th next year, and the second round of matches will be held on January 11th and 12th next year.

Since the two teams entering the FA Cup final are the Shandong Taishan team and the Shanghai Haigang team with the best results in the two major divisions of the Chinese Super League, the final schedule between the two teams will not conflict with the Super League play-offs. It was also preliminarily scheduled to be carried out on December 9. As for the game venue, it is still to be officially confirmed.

According to the calendar, the Chinese team will fight off against Japan in the seventh round of the top 12 tournament on January 27 next year. Since the Chinese team is still not completely out of the game, the whole team will still do their best to prepare for this round and the next round of the away game against the Vietnam team. The national football team plans to leave for Japan around January 23 next year. Prior to this, the team also needs to conduct necessary training in the country. Regarding the training schedule, the Chinese Football Association and the national football coaching staff have considered that the international footballers have been very hard this year and have been working, living and being separated from their relatives overseas for a long time. Therefore, they will not arrange more than two weeks in January next year. Training. As for the specific concentration time, it is most likely to be arranged within one week after the end of the Super League play-offs.

Determine the next round of preparations and participating players according to the game situation

It is also understood that the coaching staff of the national football team will determine the next stage of preparations and player candidates based on the Super League, the Football Association Cup finals and other events. Players like Guo Tianyu and Zheng Zheng who have been on the list of candidates for the world preliminaries but missed the previous preparations at different stages due to family affairs are still expected to return to the team.

Wu Lei, who plays for the Spanish club in La Liga, and Alan, a naturalized player who has returned to Brazil for vacation, has a high probability of going directly to Japan to join the national football team in late January next year.Return to Sohu to see more


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