Details have shown how brinkmanship can be seen in the South China Sea after an American naval ship sailed into the string of a Chinese destroyer.

On September 30 USS Decatur Up to a distance of 45 meters to the Chinese destroyer of the Luyang II class, near the Gaven Reefs of the fought Spratly Islands.

After the incident, a spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet said the Chinese ship had approached Decatur "In an unsafe and unprofessional maneuver," followed by a series of "increasingly aggressive maneuvers."

Details of how aggressive the maneuvers were have now emerged in a military record written by the South China morning post from the British Ministry of Defense.

The document states that as the American ship approached, its crew was told, "They are in action [sic] dangerous course. If you do not change the course, [sic] will suffer consequences. "

GettyImages-57019397 (1) The Royal Malaysian Navy sentry station will be in front of the USS Decatur in Port Klang in February 2006. He missed a small Chinese warship in the South China Sea in September 2018. TENGKU BAHAR / AFP / Getty Images

The American ship responded: "We make innocent passages" post Office reported.

A video of the incident shows a Navy sailor who said the Chinese ship was "trying to get us out of the way". Ship fenders used on deck suggested the preparation of a collision.

US Pacific Fleet officials said they were patrolling for navigation freedom near the controversial Spratly Islands, while Beijing insisted Decatur had been provocative by entering Chinese waters.

Ankit Panda, senior editor at The diplomatBusiness Insider said it is China's "most direct and dangerous attempt to disrupt legitimate US Navy navigation in the South China Sea until today."

The US and China have recently intensified the rhetoric of navigation rights in the South China Sea as tensions in the trade dispute between countries increased.

The US Navy has had 18 unsafe or unprofessional encounters with Chinese forces in the Pacific since 2016, CNN reported, citing military statistics.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it opposes the invasion of the US warships into the waters and that the Luoyang tries to drive Decatur Path. The US must stop its "provocative" measures, Fox News reported.

Bill Hayton, an associate fellow of Chatham House's think tank in London, said Chinese actions may have "increased antagonism".

"To my knowledge, we have directly threatened an American warship with this kind of language for the first time. I think that was the first time we had the idea of ​​suffering the consequences. So that seems to be an increasing intimidation post Office Hayton reported.


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