Chiquis Rivera breaks the silence about his break – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

California.- Chiquis Rivera decided to speak on social networks about her marital relationship in reaction to the rumors that have been circulating for weeks and indicated that the fault of her breakup is not her friends (as social networks say), but Lorenzo Méndez himself .

On her Instagram on Sunday, the singer bluntly commented that after videos where she was amused by her birthday celebrations last week, she felt no remorse in showing that she was having a good time.

“I am here, the truth is that yes, very comfortable having a lot of fun. This video is for those people who are very concerned about my relationship, about my private life, (who say that) my friends are the reason why I’m not with Lorenzo, that is not the truth or the reality of things. If I am not with Lorenzo it is because of things that Lorenzo has done. If my relationship has not worked it is not because I did not want to or because I did something wrong. “

Although she avoided giving details about what caused the temporary breakdown, Rivera made it clear that she is not the culprit. “On the contrary, I was a very good wife, and I don’t have to say it, that’s why I don’t care, I don’t want to talk about the details because they really are my private things and if the day comes and I want to talk about those things, then I will talk and if not, then it is also valid. We all have the right to our private life “.

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“I know they are saying oh my God, that where Lorenzo is, that Chiquis is having fun, yes, I am having a lot of fun, thank God, I came because I really work a lot and I want to have fun,” he added in his story in Instagram Stories.

At the end he finished by saying that “that’s the difference between me and other people who pretend and hide the reality of things … keep talking, keep saying, okay, no way, I have to understand that this is the way it is. I want to learn And if I want to go back to Lorenzo, I’m going to go back to Lorenzo, it doesn’t matter, it’s what I want to do. Me, what I want to do with my life.

The call not to interfere in her life and to respect her decisions had an impact on the networks where the singer has almost 4 million followers.